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Repairing the foundation of a home is time-consuming and expensive when you move into a new home. Fundamental knowledge of warning signs prevents costly repairs and progressive damage to other parts of the house. Watch for the most common tale-tell signs to save yourself the money and time of intensive foundation repair in Olathe.

Poor drainage

Poor drainage of water is the leading cause of problems within the foundation. The first areas to develop foundation issues are areas that experience massive drain blockages, like the bathroom and kitchen. Check for wet spots beside the wall of the affected room to indicate the obstructions within the pipe.

Visible cracks

Visible cracks on the interior and exterior walls of the property are a sure sign of the need for foundational repairs. Inspect the home by checking the bottom and top sections of the bricks for tiny beginnings of cracks.

Plaster and drywall are easy to patch because they retain excess moisture. A weakening foundation will cause the reoccurrence of cracks even after repairing the initial points. The signs of foundational weakness are cracks that occur around the corners of the doors and windows. The nail pops show damage along with the areas of the screws and nails' placement. You should contact Arrow Foundation Repair for an immediate inspection.

Faulty doors and windows

Another noticeable sign that you need to repair the foundation is that the doors and windows will stick out. This situation is common as the foundations settle, and gravity pulls the doors and windows downward.

Some faults on windows and doors are standard in older houses. A window system that begins to show signs of wearing out and increased humidity indicates that the foundation is possibly sinking.

One way of determining if the sinking doors and windows are due to a sinking foundation is by using a four-foot level. Place it at the top of the door's or windows frame and observe for signs of non-uniformness.

Some of the faults you observe on your windows and doors may be seasonal if the underlying problem has a connection to the moisture content in the foundation. Increased moisture during winter will cause expansion of the wood, and result in it sticking out of the frame. A door or window with the previous shaving will continue to stick out due to the shifts within the foundation.

Wrinkling wallpaper and poster

This sign is one of the most apparent in homes with a problem of the foundation. The hangings will wrinkle and rip because of the changing height and length of the floor. A foundation that begins to affect posters is a sign that the foundation has extensive unseen damage.

Uneven steps and developing gaps

The outdoor is part of the foundation. It is time to schedule for a foundation repair in Olathe when you notice unevenness along the length of the steps. A big visible gap between the ceiling and crown shows that the floor is sinking. Regular maintenance of your foundation will keep the property in perfect condition despite the weather of the location.

Avoiding Repairs to Your Home's Foundation

You shouldn't be surprised to learn that there are cost-effective, proactive measures you can take to significantly reduce the likelihood that you'll need to call us in for a foundation repair in Olathe. The first defense against pooling water is your home's gutter system, followed closely by a drainage system under the ground. Maintenance is required to keep both of these systems operating efficiently to ensure that when it rains, water will end up away from your home's foundation, slowly absorbed back into the ground. We highly recommend the following maintenance be performed by our pros from Arrow Foundation Repair:

1: Annual gutter inspections, to clean out gutters and make minor repairs when needed. We'll inspect the downspouts around your home, as well, to make sure they're long enough to keep rainwater away from your home.

2: French drain tile inspections, every five years, to check for damaged pipes and erosion that can occur over time. If your drain system was installed more than 30 years ago, we could replace old pipes with superior materials designed to last up to 50 years.

Protect your home's foundation with affordable maintenance by contacting our team from Arrow Foundation Repair. If you notice rainwater pooling close to your building, it's probably a sign that repairs are needed for first or second-defense systems. Rest easy knowing that everything we do at Arrow Foundation Repair is designed to save you money and protect your home.

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